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I know we’ve been a bit slow getting reviews up recently, so I decided to do a quick post to let you know what’s coming up. I’m very excited for these reviews!

Site Update

First of all, I’m currently testing out Concave PT+ Classic cleats (there’s a picture above). You might remember Concave from our old review of their Concave PT+ cleats. So far, I’m loving the PT+ Classics. Concave has made several great improvement to both the material and the structural design of the cleats. I’m sure you’ll love them after you see the review and pictures.

On a related note, congratulations to Concave! They’ve partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods to sell their cleats. In addition, there will be Concave stations at some locations where players and see how much their accuracy and power improves with Concave cleats on.

We’ll also be reviewing Hot Shot Gels, an innovative way to fight discomfort and injuries due to soccer cleats. These are gels that you put into your cleats to prevent injuries, make you more comfortable, and improve your shot power and touch. I think that you’ll like these too once you see what they can do.

Finally, we’ll probably have reviews in August of a big cleat company’s cleats, but I’ll let you guess which one for now!

Happy playing!

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