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Adidas Finale 10 Review

With Champion’s League action in full swing, we thought that it would be a great idea to review the ball that they’re using in that very tournament. And thanks to our friends at Adidas, we have that opportunity! Before we even get into the review, we’d just like to say that it is an absolutely fantastic ball and we’re incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to use it. And now for the review!


Adidas Jabulani Review

Every four years, in the months preceding the World Cup Adidas have released a new ball. In 2006 the Teamgeist shocked the world with its thermally bonded panels which completely rid it of stitching. After some initial outcry, this ball is now regarded as one of the most succesful and intuitive balls ever. Now for the 2010 World Cup and in many leagues for the 10-11 season Adidas have released the Jabulani.


PUMA Italia v5.08

Puma has come out with many great soccer balls over the years and this one is one of the most popular to date. This is a great ball for players of all ages, whether you are new to the sport of soccer or a seasoned veteran of (more…)

adidas Finale 8

This ball from adidas was created specially for the 2008/2009 UEFA Champions League. Adidas’ revolutionary 14 panel design provides for a perfectly spherical ball so you know where your shots and passes are going the (more…)

adidas Teamgeist II MLS Ball

This revolutionary ball from adidas used in the MLS 2008 season features the same 14 panel covering design as used on the match balls in the World Cup 2006, The Euro 2008, and The Olympics in 2008. This unique panel system is (more…)

Nike T90 Catalyst

This magnificent ball from Nike was created in the resemblance of the t90 Omni matchball used in the Barclays Premier League, the (more…)

Adidas Euro 2008 Replica Ball

Official Euro 2008 Replica ball, hand stitched 32 panel PU cover. A ball for most levels of play. Need a ball that won’t empty your wallet? This is the one. Retains air fairly well, and the price cannot be beat for the quality of the ball (more…)

Brine Phantom Soccer Ball

32-panel hand sewn, NCAA legal and NFHS Approved. This is a great ball, minimal water retention for good play in wet conditions. Great touch, a bit hard for the first day with it but it breaks in very quickly and has a great soft touch to it. An excellent ball with an excellent price. Just as good as (more…)