Adidas Finale 10 Review

With Champion’s League action in full swing, we thought that it would be a great idea to review the ball that they’re using in that very tournament. And thanks to our friends at Adidas, we have that opportunity! Before we even get into the review, we’d just like to say that it is an absolutely fantastic ball and we’re incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to use it. And now for the review!

Adidas Finale Review
Adidas Finale Review

This ball works the way that soccer balls should work. Recently there’s been a trend towards “gimmicky” soccer balls, and I just don’t like that. Not to say that those balls are bad, but I much prefer a more classic ball like the Adidas Finale 10.

Of course, Adidas has used all of the newest technology to create this ball. The panels are thermally bonded and seamless, which helps the ball to fly right where you want it to. The bladder is very high quality latex, which ensures that the ball won’t deflate easily and that it will retain a very good bounce even once it has been used for many games. I really appreciate the technology that went into creating a great ball like this.

Adidas Finale Review

The ball itself looks great. The bright blue stars haven’t even started to fade yet after nearly a month of constant use. The design looks very clean and simple overall, which I really like. There are also several insignia on some of the panels, including two Adidas logos, two Champion’s League logos, and a FIFA Approved logo.

Now on to the performance. Like I said earlier, this ball does exactly what it is supposed to do. If you hit it firmly in the middle of the ball, it flies straight and without spin. If you slice it on the sides, it bends beautifully. The ball responds to how you kick it, and I have yet to notice any flight irregularities at all, which is incredibly impressive on Adidas’ part. The ball feels very firm when you kick it instead of flying off your foot, so you can really feel how you’re kicking it and improve.

Adidas Finale Review

This is also a great ball for touches, not just shooting. Again, it is very responsive and, as a result of the lack of irregularities on the surface, does exactly what you tell it to. The grip on the Finale is fantastic, both according to the field players on my team and the goalie.

The Adidas Finale 10 has no problems flying far and true through the air or zipping across the ground. Some balls are much better in one of these areas, but Adidas has really nailed it in both categories. Other balls that feel firm when you hit them are often very heavy, but this is not true with this ball. When I strike it hard it feels firm, but when I toss it up in the air from a footstall, it just seems to fly up. I don’t know how Adidas managed to accomplish this, but I’m very impressed.

Adidas Finale Review

Overall, this is just a fantastic ball. It’s responsive, firm, and light – what more could you ask for? The qualities easily justify the higher-end pricetag.

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