Adidas F50i Review

When you first see Adidas F50i TUNIT cleats, you immediately notice the color. Adidas has several brilliant colorways that pop right out at you. The Macaw/Running White/Black colorway is the brightest (above), with a beautiful green upper. Other colorways like Light Scarlet/White/Metallic Gold (below left) and Running White/New Navy/Metallic Gold (below right) are great as well. Adidas outdid themselves on these designs.

Adidas F50i Review
Adidas F50i Review

Adidas F50i ReviewAdidas F50i Review

And that brings us to the next element of the F50i cleats: the functional design of the cleats. Through tons of testing, Adidas has discovered the perfect shape for the upper of their cleats. The smooth bend in the upper allows for a perfect, clean touch on the ball and provides the best surface for hitting long balls. The textured area of the upper allows the cleats to grip and control the ball well. The microfiber upper makes it so that the cleat fits perfectly to your foot, eliminating any discomfort. The prepackaged studs provide great traction on even slippery ground, ensuring that you can get around defenders easily with quick cuts.

Adidas F50i Review
You can clearly see the textured area on the upper and the great studs!

But perhaps the best part of the F50i cleats is the fact that they are part of the TUNIT line of Adidas cleats. This means that they are modular: you can swap out different parts of the cleats to upgrade them if you feel they are lacking. You can get studs for any type of field: firm ground, hard ground, soft ground, whatever! If the field that you’re playing on happens to be wet and soft, you can just switch out the studs to the soft ground studs! But it’s not just the studs that can be switched. You can switch out the chassis, which is the part of the cleat that provides structure and is the base. Depending on what you need, you can go from the standard, well-rounded chassis to a lightweight chassis for speed to a chassis designed for comfort, along with a couple other options. You can also switch out the upper between the different colors, expressing yourself on the field however you like.

The F50i TUNIT Start Kit comes with the Adidas Sprintskin upper for comfort, the standard, versatile chassis, and firm ground, soft ground, and hard ground stud sets! At $194.99 (only $175.49 for goal club members if you purchase through this link!), this cleat is a steal.

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If you want absolutely everything, go for the F50i Premium kit. This come with a ton of options, including three different uppers, a chassis, a full stud set, a bag, a suitcase, and much more. It’s pricey, at $499.99 (only $449.99 for goal club members if you purchase through this link!), but definitely worth it.

To buy the premium kit, click here and search for “f50i” in the search box at the top. The premium kit is the first result. You get the goal club member discount through this link as well.

I’ve listed all of the components currently available on below – check them out if you’re going to get the Start kit!

F50 TUNIT Stud Key
– This is used to screw studs into the cleat chassis.

F50 TUNIT FG Studs
– These studs are for use on firm ground, which is normal. These are your general, all-purpose studs.

F50 TUNIT HG Studs
– These studs are for hard ground, which is like dirt or other hard surfaces.

F50 TUNIT Lightweight Chassis
– This is the chassis you’ll want if you’re going for speed. Lightweight and breathable. may have updated their inventory since I posted this. Check out any of the links in this post to look for new inventory.


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Happy playing!

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