Concave PT+ Classic Review

You may remember a month or two ago, we published a review of the innovative Concave PT+ cleats. These cleats were incredible enough as is, but Concave Sports has managed to improve them with their newest cleats. Concave Sports was generous enough to send us their newest pair of cleats, the Concave PT+ Classic cleats for a thorough review, and we’re very pleased with them.

Concave PT+ Classic Review
Concave PT+ Review

I’ve worn these cleats extensively over the past few weeks, totaling well over 50 hours of playtime. I decided to wear the Concave PT+ Classic cleats throughout these sessions specifically to test their durability and comfort over an extended period of time so I can make sure they live up to the hype.

First of all, I can say that the durability is excellent. These are sturdy cleats made from the best materials (I’ll get into that later) and this allows them to hold up very well over time. The only part of the cleat that couldn’t endure extensive testing was the print on the side that says ‘Concave PT+ Classic.’ This faded and came off over time, but thankfully it’s the least important part of the cleat! With the old Concave PT+ cleats, I found that the concave logo on the side of the cleats began to come off after extended testing, but Concave Sports has improved upon this with better stitching and a higher-grade material. The logo is sure to stay on. Overall, these cleats have excellent durability, from the studs to the upper to the Concave Component (more on that later).

Concave PT+ Classic Review

I also found these cleats incredibly comfortable. I didn’t get any blisters at all, they fit my feet perfectly (I got them in my normal size), and even during long sessions, no part of my foot felt very sore. I mainly attribute not only to Concave’s excellent craftsmanship but also to the materials. The upper is made of a high grade kangaroo leather which molds to your foot as you play in it. The kangaroo leather also cushions your foot very well. This cleats are easily one of the more comfortable I’ve played in.

Concave PT+ Classic Review

The most unusual part of the cleat is the Concave Component (CC) – the large piece of plastic jutting out of the cleat over the center of your foot. The first thing I will say about this is that it doesn’t affect the comfort of the boot at all. It seems like it should, but you completely forget it’s there until you blast a shot or hit a volley perfectly. That’s what the CC is designed to do – add more power and accuracy when you hit the ball, and it accomplishes its job very well. There is a marked difference between cleats without the CC and Concave cleats. I find that my volleys especially fly much harder and more accurately when I wear my Concave PT+ Classic cleats. This may also be due to another piece of technology developed by Concave, the Shank Balance Stabilizer (SBS). The SBS, as the name suggests, prevents you from slicing the ball wide of the net. It is a series of ridges on the bottom of the cleat that keep your foot stable as you hit the ball. The SBS and the CC combine to greatly improve your shots, volleys, long balls, and everything else.

Concave PT+ Classic Review

The design of the cleat is really the one thing I don’t like about Concave PT+ Classic cleats. I tend to lean towards more streamlined cleats, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible with the Concave Component. It looks slightly awkward as it sticks out from the upper of the cleat. However, I value function over form, and the power and accuracy added by the CC greatly outweigh the disadvantage of its design. Other than this, the design is decent, with a good-looking upper and a nice stud configuration.


Concave PT+ Classic Review

Concave Sports has improved on their already excellent Concave PT+ line with their new Concave PT+ Classic cleats. These cleat offer incredible power, comfort, and durability, and are sure to aid the skills of any player!

Durability: 9.5/10
Touch: 8.5/10
Power: 10/10
Speed: 8.5/10
Comfort: 9/10
Accuracy: 9.5/10
Total: 55.0/60

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