Nike Tiempo Legacy FG

The Nike Tiempo Legacy Men’s Cleat excels in many areas; however, despite its strengths, we concluded that it left a little to be desired.  Made out of calf-leather, the signature material for Nike’s Tiempos over the years, this cleat is without a doubt one of the more comfortable boots out there, even while being broken in for the first time. Players can rejoice with the knowledge that there was no initial period of blisters or cuts that can come as hidden costs. The support around the heel and cushioned interior create an exceedingly comfortable experience and for many players in the market for buying new cleats, this is a must have. The most impressive asset and advantage that this boot brings is its power and smooth striking ability. For this model, Nike advertises an improved “textured forefoot surface” that provides better striking control and there was a noticeable enhancement in this area compared to earlier Tiempo models. This, coupled with a large sweet spot, creates a consistently accurate boot.

While in general we did have a positive experience with these cleats, there are negatives that should be addressed. The first issue was durability, a necessity for any anyone who is looking to get a return on their investment. After three months of moderate wear on grass and turf surfaces the toe and the TPU cleat plate started to split, hurting the functionality and aesthetics of the cleat. At first we hoped that this an anomaly, but unfortunately we found that other consumers had similar issues with durability. It is recognized that these aren’t Nike’s top of the line cleats, but for the price we would have hoped for a better result. Additionally, the close touch of the cleat did not match the quality of other cleats we have reviewed in the past, despite the advertisements of Nike. Obviously given the heavier cleat, there are sacrifices and subsequently pros and cons that materialize, but tight touch control is one quality of a pair of cleats that is hard to overlook.

Even though this boot could be used anywhere on the pitch, it should be noted that there are many other cleats that are much lighter with a greater emphasis on speed, explosion and a close touch on the market that would be better suited for strikers or attacking players. The cleats are not by any means clunky or too heavy, especially with the new water resistant leather. Nevertheless, there is an apparent weight difference that does have noticeable effects.

In conclusion, we enjoyed testing out the Nike Tiempo Legacy and think it is definitely a satisfactory boot. It provides many essential attributes to footballers; however, the cleat did not provide a full spectrum of necessary attributes. It instead featured excellent power, comfort and striking ability with less than stellar durability and close touch. For the price of $100 though, it is fair and you will get a good pair of cleats. In the end it all depends on what assets you are looking for your cleat to provide to your game. If you are interested in purchasing these cleats please visit the link here. Hope you enjoyed our review and let us know what you think too on the forum below!


Nike Tiempo Legacy FG (8.4 oz) (Volt/Hyperpunch/Black)

Durability 6.5/10, Touch 7.5/10 Power 9.5/10, Speed 7.5/10, Comfort 9.5/10, Accuracy 9/10 = 50.5/60 = 83.3 = B

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  1. Gnostradamus August 4, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

    Can you name those alternatives, then, that are more durable or versatile? I can’t find much on your site.

  2. Sander January 19, 2017 at 1:13 pm #

    Where can i buy these?

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