Nike 10R 0 Cara FG

When Nike introduced its revolutionary 10R series it was sure to make a big deal.  The 10R cleats are made for the Brazilian superstar Ronaldhino and the 10R Cara are sure to impress.

The unique combination of both synthetic and natural materials gives the boot comfort without sacrificing durability.  The studs are also unique in that they are textured on the bottom to make for supreme ball handling.  Not only do the studs handle well, they also provide excellent stability on firm surfaces.  The cleats weigh a mere 7.6 ounces, less than most competing brands.  The 10R Cara cleats will allow any player to dribble around defenders on their way to goal. 

Durability: 6/10
Touch: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Striking Area: 7/10
Traction: 7/10
Material Quality: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10
Total: 49/70
Weight: 7.6 oz

Price:  $39.99
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Nike 10R 0 Cara FG – Black/Sail/Red Earth

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