Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV

Say hello to Nico! Our favorite footballer from Buffalo, New York tested out the Mercurial Vapor Superflys and wrote a review for us. The following is his in depth analysis of his experience and, just like his hair, is of the utmost quality.

The soccer world rejoiced when Nike announced the return of the Mercurial Vapor Superfly! Arguably Nike’s most hyped and innovative boot of all time, it was brought back for a fourth edition before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. When pictures of it were released the boot aficionado community was awestruck and even professional level players expressed their excitement for the latest edition of Nike’s speed silo. My curiosity was peaked so I decided to pick up a pair for the upcoming season to see hype was justified.

Although the Superfly IV’s did not quite live up to the cornucopia of excitement that was created upon its release, it did give me one of the strongest experiences I have had with a Nike cleat. The boots do boost an expansive range of positive features, but the durability and reliability are a let down. After just 2 months of use, the upper has torn and much of the plastic film has peeled off the boot, but those 2 months they were extremely consistent and fun boots to play in. Below I will outline both the Pro’s and the Con’s and you can decide for yourself if the Nike Mercurial Superfly 4’s are the boot for you.

• Fit: The close fit on these boots are surely one of, if not, the top features of this cleat. The sock-liner really does keep your foot in place throughout the flow of play. After several uses the boot starts to hug the shape of your foot giving a very unique feel to the upper. There is a little room in the toe-box so I recommend getting at least one half-size down. I am normally a 10 in Nike’s and my 9 ½’s were a little roomy by the toes. The fit was top drawer.
• Touch: The touch on these was phenomenal. It was like playing in socks but the grip on the ball was great for dribbling with pace and putting curl on the ball. Trapping and controlling the ball either on the pitch or out of the air can be done with ease. Touch is up there with some of my favorite boots (Adidas Predator LZ, Adipure, and Nike CTR Maestri II).
• Striking: The striking, like with many other models of the Mercurial Vapor line, is clean and true. If you drive a good modern ball with these boots it will fly straight and true, giving precise accuracy on passes and lethal finishing ability in front of the net. Perfect for any player from the holding midfielder, to the pacey winger, to the point man up top.
• Weight: These guys are light… very, very light…
• Outsole: Traction is definitely a plus on these spikes. This is an area where I believe Nike consistently surpasses Adidas. Although not as innovative or exciting as the traction on the Superfly III’s, they are definitely a nice feature.

• Durability: The only memorable con on the Superfly IV’s was the durability. As I mentioned above, after about 2 months of use the uppers on the outside of both boots were ripping and separating from the sole. The waterproof film also ripped all over the boots making playing in wet conditions a nightmare. The laces also tore about 4 games into the season and had to be replaced. For a $275 price tag you might expect something a little more durable and this greatly affected my overall perception of the utility of the boot.

Although it was a brief experience, I did quite thoroughly enjoy my time in these boots. Nike succeeded in making a very, very effective boot but neglected to build them to last through many battles on the pitch.
Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV (6.4 oz)
Durability 4.5/10, Touch 8.9/10, Power 8.5/10, Speed 9.6/10, Comfort 8.4/10, Accuracy 9.4/10 = 49.5/60 = 82.5 = B-

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2 Responses to “Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV”

  1. Teddy Marks October 6, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

    Dude this is a pretty killer cleat, but we won’t know for sure until T-swizzle himself gives it a spin. #TeddyFanClub

  2. James Gordon October 15, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    I loved these cleats. There definitely were some durability issues, but I can’t complain too much since they lasted for my whole entire season (although I guess I should expect this considering the price). I like the depth of your reviews. You guys should do some reviews on Adidas Cleats and other brands too.

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