Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Review

This is a guest review by our friend and teammate, Reid. He really likes the Vapor VI’s so he approached us and asked if he could write a review for our site so that everyone could know how great they are! Here’s the review:

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI
Nike Mercurial Vapor VI

The Mercurial Vapor is the shoe to buy. It may not be the lightest cleat in the world, but it gets the job done and done well. It is lightweight, weighing in at only 8 oz. Also with Nike’s new stud formation it brings swifter cuts and cleaner, firmer plants when striking the ball. Nike has added new toe-traction spikes to make for extra speed bursts when you need to get past a defender. These new spikes act like traditional track spikes and provide extra grip for taking off down the field. The Teijin synthetic leather makes sure that you have a snug and secure fit when you are lacing up to take the field and to ensure that you leave all others in your dust. Nike has made this new super star to add to its already brilliant lineup of cleats.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI

When I bought these cleats I purchased them many months after they came out because I felt the price they were at, when they came out, was way too much to buy. So I waited until they got priced around $150 instead of the normal price of $240. I decided to wait because I knew that they were going to be marked down – and now it’s a fantastic deal for a fantastic pair of cleats! Depending on the colorway, they can still be more expensive, so watch out for that. However, I’d say that anything under $200 is a great deal.

One thing I do not particularly like about the Vapors is the lace cover. It is too stiff and it rises off the cleat at an awkward angle, which causes your touches to go in unexpected directions. I find it to be a nuisance and I am unable to stall, which I am normally able to do with my other cleats. Also when taking a ball from the air I find that the touch on the ball is not good and it takes unexpected bounces off your foot and in other directions. When sprinting down the field with the ball I find that the stiffness of the lace cover makes my touch more unreliable and the ball is not as in control as it would normally be without the lace cover. However, many people like the lace cover and find that it helps them when the are taking shots or crossing the ball. If you’re like me, it is easy to remove with a seam ripper.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI

Normally you hear that the Mercurial line of cleats would give you blisters, but I beg to differ for these cleats. I have had these cleats for nearly three months. I wear them almost every day and I have yet to get even a hint of a blister. For the first two weeks I did wear two socks to break them in, but from then on I felt that I could wear them without the need for the extra sock and to this day I still have not gotten any blisters. These cleats are comfortable and yet they are able to perform in the tightest of situations. Nike has hit the ground running with their newest boot in their Mercurial line. I highly recommend them!

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5 Responses to “Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Review”

  1. M10 August 28, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    I think these are ugly. Can you post more recent shoes?

  2. Yuda October 23, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    I wonder if the new studs really give great acceleration? IMO without the medial studs it’s gonna be tricky (slippery) when accelerating and deaccelerate

  3. lasperfwooran January 5, 2012 at 2:14 am #

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  4. Jack August 7, 2014 at 11:46 am #

    These are definitely great cleats. I’ve used previous versions of the Vapors and can’t wait to get my hands on these!

    Personally I believe that the innovations introduced in the outsole and studs distribution can be a game changer. What can you say about it?

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