PUMA v1.08 FG – Tricks

In 2006, Puma released their revolutionary new v1 soccer cleat.  The v1.06 was revolutionary in that it combined stunning looks with lightning fast speed.  However the v1.06s were not durable and did not always have a delicate touch.  In 2008 Puma released the .06’s successor, the v1.08.  To make a cleat that can surpass its predecessor was a daunting task but Puma has pulled it off.

 The new v1 features many of the same technologies such as a carbon fiber plate to reduce weight and asymmetrical lacing to improve striking.  New to the v1.08 is a lightweight durable microfiber which improves touch without sacrificing strength.  Also new is the stud configuration which makes for supreme agility and cuts in any weather conditions.  A carbon fiber plate runs down the entire length of the cleat providing immense weight reduction as well as stability.  The Puma v1.08 Tricks is different from the original v1.08 only aesthetically yet the x-ray Puma graphic running down the length of the cleat is sure to inspire awe in all who see it.

Durability: 8/10
Touch:  8/10
Power:  8/10
Striking Area: 9/10
Traction:  9/10
Material Quality: 9 /10
Comfort:  8/10
Total:  59/70
Weight:  7.6 oz

Price:  $114.99
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PUMA v1.08 Tricks (dark shadow/white/black/yellow)

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