PUMA v5.08 i FG

The Puma series of V soccer cleats has always been successful among all players, the newest incarnation the .08 will not disappoint.  The v5.08 cleats are made from a soft synthetic fabric which molds to your feet and provides a delicate touch on the ball.

 The special stud configuration reduces the pressure on the feet while providing incredible acceleration.  Like many cleats the v5.08 features asymmetrical lacing that makes for a cleaner strike zone.  This cleat is sure to create the perfect strike.

Durability: 7/10
Touch: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Striking Area: 8/10
Traction: 7/10
Material Quality: 7/10
Comfort: 7/10
Total: 50/70
Weight: 10.6 oz

Price: $32.99
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PUMA v5.08 i FG

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