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Wide Soccer Cleats

If you have big feet, finding cleats that are comfortable and fit you well can be really tough. That’s why I’ve created this resource to help you find the cleats that are right for you! I have wide feet, so I’ve been through this process. I’ve managed to figure out what the best brands and styles are for people with big feet through trial and error – and here are my choices! (more…)

Top 10 Highest Earning Soccer Players

Ever wondered how much top-flight soccer players are earning? Here’s some answers: (more…)

Families of Cleats

Cleats are organized into groups called families. Each family generally has at least a lower end, a midrange, and a high end model. Here are the families: (more…)

How to Break in Soccer Cleats

The first time you play in new cleats you can expect blisters, cuts, and even destroyed cleats if the cleats have not been broken in.  These tips will make it so that by your first game the cleats will be able to perform to their full extent (more…)

How to Care For Soccer Cleats I

After spending money on your soccer cleats, it would be  a shame if they were to break down or lose their color.  These tips will help keep you cleats strong and clean for years.

  1. Immediately after use remove as much material (namely dirt and mud) from the cleat as possible (more…)