Hot Shot Gels Review

Hot Shot Gels? What are those? They’re only some of the most innovative and simple accessories that have come onto the soccer field in the past few years. There’s not a whole lot of movement in the soccer accessories field, but Hot Shot Gels have broken that trend.

Hot Shot Gels Review
Hot Shot Gels Review

Hot Shot Gels are gels that you place on top of your foot instead of under, unlike many traditional gel soles. You can either put them directly on your foot, beneath your socks, or you can put them below the laces on your cleats. Here’s a video of how to apply them beneath your laces:

One side of the gel is sticky, allowing it to stay put either on the tongue of your cleat or your feet. The other side is not sticky, so it doesn’t get caught on anything.

Hot Shot Gels have many benefits, including:

  • Increased protection of the metatarsal area of your foot – a common injury spot
  • Offers an increase in shot power
  • Stops soreness on top of your foot after long training sessions
  • Helps with injury recovery and allows you to get back on the field quicker

When Hot Shot Gels contacted me to get me to review these, I was very dubious about their benefits. I also felt that they would be uncomfortable and awkward when I was wearing them. In the end, these doubts completely disappeared. The benefits are all completely true. The gels add shot power and completely protect the top of your foot. Also, I completely forgot I was wearing them in a game until I was tackled hard and barely felt anything.

Hot Shot Gels are great – thank you so much to Hot Shot Gels LLC for sending me some – now I’m hooked!

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