Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Review

We recently received Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho gloves from our friends over at Reusch USA. We had the opportunity to test them, and we really like what we saw – they are pretty incredible gloves. We recruited our friend and goalie, Peter, to test these gloves out, so this review is written by him. Enjoy!

Reusch Magno Deluxe Review
Reusch Magno Deluxe Review

The Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho tech gloves are top of the line, and with good reason. The first time you put these on a few things really jump out at you. For one thing, the grip is phenomenal. The palm and fingers of the glove are grooved at particular points to allow you to naturally close your fist without the material bunching up. In addition, each of the fingers has the gripping material rolled around the side, in order to increase contact and grip with the ball. Also, the palm material is slightly more durable than that of the gloves a step below this one, and the lower palm (which I’ve always found to be an area of increased wear) has pieces of more durable latex, which show very little wear, even though I’ve now played over 80 hours in them, both outdoor soccer and indoor. I find that indoor soccer often will shred the back of gloves from sliding along the turf. However, the back side of the Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho tech gloves is made of a tough, thick cushioning material that doesn’t seem to shred and cushions your hand when you go to punch the ball (or more realistically when someone kicks you in the hand).

Reusch Magno Review

The gloves tend to work best in slightly humid weather, and seem to lose their grip a little bit when its particularly dry out. However, I do not suggest using them in the rain, as they are fairly expensive gloves and are likely to deteriorate very quickly if you get them too wet. As I mentioned before, they are perfectly fine for indoor or outdoor play. Each finger has side vents, and there are two vents stretching across the back of the hand. This helps a little with air flow when it is really hot out, but don’t get me wrong – these gloves are very thick and do get hot. That’s the price you have to pay for having excellent protection and grip.

In terms of design, I really like these gloves. They are just flashy enough to stand out, but they aren’t obnoxious. Some gloves these days are very plain and have no colors, but the Magno Deluxe is far from this with its bright yellow body.

Reusch Magno Review

This added thickness may sound uncomfortable or annoying, but in reality, the glove’s movement and fit are very good. They are flexible and have an excellent range of motion, and none of the padding gets in the way thanks to the grooves. You don’t need to go a size up with these gloves, they are generally a good fit at your size. All in all, these gloves are worth the extra money over another pair of inferior gloves.

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For additional information, check out Reusch USA’s website!

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