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Families of Cleats

Cleats are organized into groups called families. Each family generally has at least a lower end, a midrange, and a high end model. Here are the families: (more…)

Nike Tiempo Mystic II FG

Nike’s Tiempo series is known for pinpoint accuracy and touch.  The Tiempo Mystic will live up to these expectations.  The Mystics were designed for a fast player looking for that extra touch to dribble past a defender.  The upper is made of (more…)

Lotto Zhero Gravity

Imagine a cleat that delivers perfect accuracy with every kick.  A cleat that provides superb speed and immense acceleration.  Now imagine a cleat that looks futuristic and most importantly, laceless. Such a cleat exists. It is the (more…)

Nike t90 Strike II

Do you want pinpoint accuracy on your passes? Deadly strikes to the back of the net? If you do want those great qualities then these cleats are for you. This fabulous new cleat from Nike is possibly the best cleat out there for its price. It shares with its legendary sibling, the t90 Laser IIs, Nike’s innovative (more…)

adidas Predator Powerswerve TRX FG

The top end model in adidas Predator line of cleats, the Powerswerve features one of adidas’ most intuitive designs.  New to the Powerswerve is adidas Powerpulse technology.  This consists of Tungsten powder that moves in (more…)

adidas Samba Classic

The Samba Classics have been the most popular indoor shoes for over thirty years, so quality is never a question. Adidas manufacures this shoe with full grain leather for best comfort and fit so it will run true to size and true to width. They put a special EVA insole for the best (more…)

PUMA Italia v5.08

Puma has come out with many great soccer balls over the years and this one is one of the most popular to date. This is a great ball for players of all ages, whether you are new to the sport of soccer or a seasoned veteran of (more…)

Nike Tiempo Super Ligera

The Nike Tiempo Super Ligera was built for those players that want to raise their level of play by improving touch and speed.  Nike was able to do this by creating an extremely lightweight (more…)

Lotto Vento Diablo KL

This is a very unique cleat from Lotto. Soft but supple kangaroo leather is used for the highest quality comfort. Lotto manufactures this cleat with (more…)

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