How to Break in Soccer Cleats

The first time you play in new cleats you can expect blisters, cuts, and even destroyed cleats if the cleats have not been broken in.  These tips will make it so that by your first game the cleats will be able to perform to their full extent (more…)

How to Care For Soccer Cleats I

After spending money on your soccer cleats, it would be  a shame if they were to break down or lose their color.  These tips will help keep you cleats strong and clean for years.

  1. Immediately after use remove as much material (namely dirt and mud) from the cleat as possible (more…)

Adidas Absolado Indoor

Adidas Absolado indoor shoes, modeled after their popular line of Predator shoes, are the perfect shoe for anyone looking to step up their indoor game.  Like the Predators, the shoes have asymmetrical lacing, meaning that there is a cleaner striking area.  This is improved through the lace cover which also helps create (more…)

Adidas Predator Absolion PS TRX FG

The Adidas Predator Absolion is the perfect cleat for any player interested in stepping up their game.  The cleats include Adidas Traxion outsole, this provides maximum grip on the ground as well as more surface area for faster acceleration.  The upper (more…)

Umbro Xai VII Premier K FG

A great cleat for players of all age. The lace cover provides a large strike zone for crisp passes and powerful accurate shots. A great price for a great pair of cleats. The leather is soft and breaks in well in a (more…)

Adidas F30.9 TRX FG

This is a great boot, with a fabulous touch because of the thin lace cover. Synthetic leather is used for a light weight, quick boot. The lace cover provides a clean surface for accurate passes, and rocket-like (more…)

Nike Steam II FG

Nike’s Mercurial Vapors are popular among many professional players, but for those looking for a cheaper alternative there are the Steams. Not to be outmatched by their more expensive sibling the Steams are made (more…)

Adidas Adipure II

Adidas’ successor to the widely popular Adipure football boot has been released. The new version has all of the heritage and class that made the original Adipure such a success and even more.  New to this boot are ankle supports and a wrap around tongue.  Also the boot features (more…)

Nike t90 Shoot II Indoor Shoe

Great touch, and a solid strike zone with the laces on the side of the foot instead of on top for a more accurate and powerful shot. A very good price for such a high quality shoe. Synthetic leather is used for a soft touch, and to have a very comfortable shoe, also prevents (more…)

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

The Nike Mercurial Vapor has been available for over a year and has proven to be one of Nike’s most succesful and popular football boots. The new boots are made from synthetic leather which adjusts to the shape of your foot and provides a delicate precise touch on the ball. New to the Vapor IV is a lace cover which makes for a cleaner strike on the ball due to the larger flat surface area. The cleats are made with (more…)

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